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The first phase project of Chuangnan New plant is scheduled to be completed and putinto trial operations in August.2011

Zhejiang Rsalsun Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.Chuang Nan new plant is located in National grade Zhejiang Provincial Chemical and Medical Raw Materials Base Linhai Zone,the new plant covers 58,000 square meters,while the first phase project occupies 22,000 square meters,the new plant will have 6 modern workshops .The first phase project is scheduled to be completed and put into trial operations in Ang.2011.   The first phase project will have 10,000 tons/y. N-Methyl pyrrolidone(NMP)2000 tons/y .2-pyrrolidone,1000tons/y .1,2-Pentanediol, by then Realsunchem will have production capacity of 24,000 tons/y r-butyrolactone(GBL) and 15,000tons/y , N-Methyl pyrrolidone(NMP),we will be better to meet needs in pharmaceutical,agrochemical,electronical both at home and abroad.

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